Nobody suspected anything.

Jeanette showed us how.

Dalton stayed in the hospital for three weeks.

Do your best for Elizabeth.

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You should not give him up for lost.


I saw a little boy running.

There's a new iPhone coming out next month so I think that it's not such a bright idea to buy one now.

Nanda did just that.

The car's tires were caked with dried mud.

She hasn't turned up yet.

The country isn't rich in natural resources.

He's a successful banker.

Excuse me, I think you're sitting in my seat.

The rooms are heated only when they are used.


I ran into Arthur the other day.


It's bogus.

Susanne pointed to the map on the wall.

Major was mugged on her way home.

Let's not be hasty.

In Tokyo, wild birds are decreasing in number year by year.

Don't spit on the floor!

Ted is a hard person to please.

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I'll hire whoever he recommends.

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You can't hurt me any more than you already have.


When did you notice that your umbrella was gone?

This is just racism!

Why is Monty looking at me that way?

When did you arrive there?

Would you like to try?

President Reagan's tax program has not worked.

Carl thought that Nora would never leave him.


Somehow I just can't accept that.

I'm writing that on behalf of our friends who passed away.

I don't know how the evening will end.

Where was he born and raised?

We can't do that anymore.

I haven't said yes yet.

It's very normal.

I don't think we should leave Siegurd here by himself.

You didn't tell her anything?

Sabrina's prediction was accurate.

Juergen has been teaching me how to play the blues.


You must give close attention to the merest details.

It's not clear whether the cucumber infected the people, or if the people infected the cucumber.

Get into the car.

I've lost my pen.

He was a god to his people.


Ric likes jelly donuts.

Murat needs a transfusion.

Where did Dad go?

Ramsey regrets firing off an angry email to his boss, and wishes he'd slept on what was bothering him for a while.

Joachim came back to Boston last October.

I still can't believe Darci and I are getting married.

We haven't received the telegram.

Lar realized that he wasn't as smart as the other kids.

The girl's father is a doctor.

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Heather will probably know what needs to be done.

I ran into an old friend of mine this morning.

Laurie's family is here.

If you want, you can easily do it.

He failed to follow our advice.

Meat, please.

Thank you for helping me find a good job.

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I want to see them.

I never told Galen.

A sudden noise abstracted their attention from the game.

That movie is just swords and sorcery in space.

Armies invaded and conquered the enemy territory.

Children should be taught to share.

Novo was at school all day.


Corey is probably jealous.

Kevin is going to try to talk to Raif about that today.

Make sure Bonnie knows when he's supposed to be here.

A crisis in France could be bad for the United States.

You have three pens.


We're not the only Canadians here.

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I took it for granted that he would become a member.


We must remain vigilant.

Did you see my mother?

The purpose of our trip is to visit a new factory.

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Mechael is five foot six.

She wanted to test her limits.

"Don't scare me", she screamed as he came up behind her.


I don't want to hurt you.

There are many kinds of animals inside this enclosure.

Recently, I've been developing a spare tire. It must be middle age...


We know why you did it.

A lot of guys around here hate you.

I don't know how to make friends anymore.

In a hundred meter dash she started last but soon caught up with the others.

Carolyn broke my nose.


He was scornful of the danger.


She's not the right girl for you.


I don't clear off your tables.

Vance decided not to say anything else.

Pam isn't like them.

What if the problem isn't her?

Every person has a psychological need to feel that what he does is of some importance.

That looks like Joe, but it isn't him.

I hope that you are very well.

He is lying on the baby.

Lynne wants to sell everything in his garage.

What exactly are we trying to find?

I don't have any more ideas.


You're an angel!

Kamiya and Israel got married about three years ago.

Love doesn't reign, but it educates; and that is more.


It took a lot longer than I thought it would take.

It's open ten to six daily throughout the year.

Russell promised he'd help me build a doghouse.

The tiger caught the guy's neck and killed him by pulling it.

I liked your comment.

Kevan was looking at a map of the area.

I went swimming with her.

Claire stopped by.

She hit him hard.

Take small steps.

Stay with me, Earle.

A blue suit, white shirt and red tie are essential for all male workers.

It would be perfect.

It must have been difficult for her to knit this sweater.

Let me be completely honest with you.

He has seldom had a meal with his family.

The explosion shook the whole building.

What makes you think it's a fake?

Francois is never going to find out.

It's hard to eat just one strawberry.

I often listened to him playing the melody on the trumpet.

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What a cock-up!

He was too busy to notice it.

You need to go change into something more appropriate.

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The water came up to my waist.

I'm not scared of you.

Takeuchi has a twin brother named John.

I love sunflowers.

What's your favorite band?

The teacher welcomed the new students.

There are some things we could've change, but we chose not to.

Isn't there something you can do to help?

He gets really testy when he doesn't get his way.

You shouldn't rely too heavily on the weather report.

There is a small pond in the court.

Please convey my apologies to Belinda.

We will show you how to catch a fish.

It's about time to sleep.

I think I may sneeze.

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Maureen was arrested as a suspect in a criminal case.

You're going to like him.

This is the pencil that she used to write it.

I usually drink a lot of milk.

I love him.

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A face with too much make up looks strange.

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His family circumstances were such that he became a teacher out of necessity.

Could I park my car here?

I added new examples.

I look after a cat and a dog.

I found that the problem was easy.

I can't read.

I feel a little tired.

They announced the engagement of their daughter.

If Timothy wins, I'll be happy.

I spoke with him earlier today.

Something's bothering Dustin.


Far from getting better, he gets worse every day.

He's a born winner.

I give part of my paycheck to my parents to help them pay the bills.

I think that's everything.

You're my girl now.

I stopped paying attention to Jeannie.

They presented the singer with a bouquet of roses.